Mr. M. A Don Jayalath

Mr. M. A. Don jayalath: is the Chairman of the Blooming Buds Social foundation and the principal of Blooming
Buds International E Campus and English Teacher Training Center at No. 40, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya. He has been very active in the field of planning, organizing, conducting, and providing assistance to alleviate the living standards of down trodden children in the society by his ability to influence other organizations and relevant persons who are assets in these programs. He has ample evidence to prove his capabilities in the sustenance of such organizations and also in fund raising programs to support such programs. He has been instrumental in organizing programs in relation to all types of activities where needy children had been surveyed of their requirements and conducted such programs and workshops for their benefit. Ex: School children programs conducted in Govt. and private Schools on prevention of drug related activities. He has been organizing, planning and conducting workshops on a large number of relevant subjects for members of the (NACG) National action coordinating group of (SAIVAC) South Asian Initiative to end Violence Against children. Colombo District forum successfully, which has been witnessed by the Chairperson and the Focal point themselves.

Mr. N. M. A. Navaratne

Mr. N. M. A. Navaratne: is the vice focal point elected from the very beginning of the program in 2015. He is the
advisor for the Blooming Buds Social Foundation and the Blooming Buds International E campus and English Medium Teacher Training School. He has a background of being a person who has always been a leader regulating activities of a large number of persons of different levels in the society and different professions being a Superintendent of Tea Plantations as a beginning and moving on to be a Govt. English School Teacher and thereafter, being absorbed to the Police Service as a Sub-Inspector having served for a period of 35 unblemished years and retiring as Superintendent of Police. He has had a very active life involving in matters of Social background where the public has been the basic stage on which all activity had been based. He has had the opportunity to be employed abroad under UN in war torn countries for 2 years, where human rights have been the main point in all connected activities. The final period of his career he was a senior lecturer in the Police Higher Training Institute, where training courses were conducted for senior officers on Police matters and specially on human rights and connected matters where the high court/ Police and public complainants are participants. He is an asset to the organization in conducting of surveys and determining the requirements in any aspect involved and organizing and conducting any type of program to the benefit of involved. He is professionally qualified to plan, organize and conduct any type of activity in relation to programs involving needy children he has been participating in all workshops conducted by the organization since 2015.

Mr. Tharindu Dananjaya

Mr. Tharindhu Dhanajaya is the treasurer of the BBSF since the inception of the organization. he has rendered and excellent service to the organization with the highest dedication, clear understanding of his responsibility and as a valuable stand – by renounce in all feels of relevant activity and is an asset to the organization.